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Whether you need to explore and analyze your data or scale your internal machine learning resources, our specialized engineers can work together with your team to bring them up to speed on the latest technologies and solutions.

Additionally, we can train your managers and engineers in the latest machine learning techniques and demonstrate the latest developments in artificial intelligence.
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Scale your team
Expand your team with machine learning experts located in a convenient time zone. Resources can be assigned to one or even multiple projects, and can work together with your team or independently to craft state of the art solutions.
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Our developers can help you to:
Design solutions and implement custom-developed machine learning models designed to handle large volumes of data.
Analyze a project and make the appropriate recommendations for implementation.
Research and development of proofs of concept.
Data Science.
Data Engineering.
Project management and technical leadership.
Full Stack Development.
Data Science consulting
We will leverage your data to extract hidden insights, understand customer behaviors, identify relevant variables, generate business KPIs and much more.
Exploratory data analysis
The first step will be to carry out an Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with the client’s currently available data. The goal is to have a better understanding of what is most relevant and the relationships that exist between the data.
Different techniques will be utilized in order to best analyze the relationship between variables such as main component analysis (PCA), correlation matrices, autoencoders and more.
Feature engineering
Once the analysis is complete, we begin the feature engineering phase. This might include variable cleaning, feature normalization and standardization, the generation of new variables and embeddings in preparation to extract KPIs, insights or behaviors hidden in your data. In this step, we will seek to apply the knowledge we gleaned during the analysis phase in order to maximize the results generated by the algorithms or for the investigations that will be carried out in later stages.
Data visualization
Data driven organizations need to easily interact with data and insights. The necessary tools will then be generated in order to be able to graphically represent the data to better facilitate it’s analysis and subsequent decision-making.
What's next
Following our data analysis process, an automatic reporting tool could be developed to show updated insights and KPIs generated in previous stages. A next step could be a fully developed machine learning model and the required training for your team.
We consult with organizations to identify opportunities within their management and commercial teams as well as train technical teams on the tools and technologies we use.
We adapt our hands-on training and workshops to your specific needs, taking into consideration your team technical expertise and your specific industry.
Some of the trainings we gave in the past are
AI Introductory Workshop
An intensive course about AI. It serves as an introduction to the latest in Artificial Intelligence going through content such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer vision, Object detection, Chatbots, Reinforcement and Unsupervised Learning.
AI for managers
Let us brief you on the current state of the art technologies, brainstorm and ideate with your decision makers on how best to leverage AI for your business.
Deep Learning
Learn the theory and get practical experience with Computer Vision, Sentiment Analysis or other Deep Learning modules such as CNN, RNN, LSTM, Transfer Learning, GAN, Autoencoders and more.
Computer Vision
We can provide an in depth workshop on computer vision using tools such as OpenCV and convolutional neural networks with Tensorflow.
AI for fintech
This workshop covers different practical applications for AI in fintech businesses such as fraud detection.
We can teach you how to design, train and deploy your chatbot. We leverage tools such as Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Facebook Wit and others.
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