We are a software factory, focused in developments that leverage artificial intelligence to satisfy our customer's needs.

Predictive Analysis

Take the most out of your data: identify underlying patterns not visible for humans using neural networks to solve prediction and classification problems. Design, build, train and deploy machine learning and deep learning models to predict or classify key metrics of your business, customers behavior and more.

Computer Vision

We are able to extract relevant and actionable information from images and videos using a combination of OpenCV and Deep Learning techniques. We can do image classification, object detection, image and instance segmentation.

Natural Language Processing

Use Machine Learning and Deep Learning to improve search results, understand what are you customers saying about your brand in social media, automatically classify documents or build a chatbot tailored for your needs.


We are proud members of the Google For Startups program, AWS Activate for startups, NVIDIA Inception for deep learning startups and also ambassadors of

About Us

We are a passionate and flexible software development company that leverages artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions for your business. We can help you whether you need to expand your team with expert engineering or build an entire solution.

We have a team of machine learning specialists, data scientists and full stack developers to help you.

Our Mission

We help companies leverage their information to take data-driven decisions and automate processes to gain competitive advantges using innovative technologies.


Build, measure and learn. By working closely with our customers we make sure that we provide a solution that satisfies our clients needs and preferences.

Nearshore development

Expand your team or outsource an entire solution depending on your needs. We can deliver excellent results from a convenient timezone.

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Deep fake detection

Government (Israel)

Fingerprint match using photos

Security (UK)

Identity validation

Fintech (Latam)

Personality insights bot

Social (USA)

Recruiting bot


Customer support

Fintech (Latam)

AI Hackaton Government award

Education (Latam)

How to start with AI?

Data driven investor

Computer vision lecture

Campus Party '19

Chatbot testing lecture

Testing UY '19

Object detection lecture

School of AI Montevideo

Computer Vision lecture

PyData Cordoba 2019

Big Data Week Buenos Aires

Our Clients

Management Team

Paula Martínez

Co Founder & CEO Tech-MBA, MIT: AI implications for Business strategy, Electrical engineer, AI nanodegree & Scrum Master

Rodrigo Beceiro

Co Founder & CTO Tech-MBA, MIT Deep Tech Bootcamp, Telecomunications engineer, AI nanodegree & Scrum Master


AI Trainings

We also help companies identifying opportunities with management and commercial teams as well as train technical teams on technologies we use

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Our training clients

Companies who trust us to train their employees and find AI initiatives with their executives and commercial teams (tech & management)

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