Privacy Policy

At Marvik one of our main priorities is handling properly the data our clients trust us in the context of the services provided, in particular the ones which can turn out to be private or sensitive. This Privacy Policy describes how we treat such kind of information.
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This Privacy Policy applies to our developing activities and is valid in the context of the services we provide to our clients and the data they provide us with that objective. It also applies for individuals that work or may work with us.
Whose personal data we may process?
We can process your personal data if:
  1. You have consented it.
  2. We require it in order to complete our tasks or by law.
  3. And one of the followings:
  • You are a client or vendor of Marvik.
  • You use products and/or services that have been developed by us
  • You work for our client and/or vendor, or someone who uses services and/or products that have been developed by us.
  • You are our employee, subcontractor, or are interested in working with us.
What kind of personal data we may process?
Typically the services we provide need data that in many cases is provided by our clients. We strongly advise them to provide us only as much information as would be strictly necessary for the purpose they are contracting us. Depending on the client or on the project this kind of information may vary greatly, eventually accessing sensitive information.
We also may collect data when someone sends an email, fill in our contact form or apply for employment through our website ( We may also collect other information, such as your IP address, browser type, and device information.
How we use this information
We only use your personal data in accordance with local and international laws. We will use personal data only when it has expressly been consented to.
When we collect information about you from our website, third parties, or outside sources, we will use it only in accordance with the limitations of the GDPR regarding legitimate business use, recruitment, legitimate business interests, marketing purposes, investor relations, and security protocols.
We will never sell your personal information to third parties, and we will only share your information with third parties when necessary to provide our services or comply with legal requirements.
Business Use
The information provided by a client in the context of a project is used to feed the Artificial Intelligence solutions we build for them, which requires training algorithms and testing its performance with it.
If you are working with us, we may present your personal background, experience, and portfolio to business contacts as part of our efforts to promote our business, ensure the high quality of our team, and comply with the legal requirements of regulators.
Recruitment Use
When you apply for a position with us, you agree we may retain your personal data to improve recruitment-related communications and streamline our onboarding process. When you submit your resume or direct us to your portfolio, you agree to share this data with us.
Corporate Use
If you are an executive of Marvik, we may use your personal information to maintain and update our corporate records, present information about our executives to potential clients, and meet the obligations of auditors and investigators.
We may use your information to arrange corporate travel, plan meetings, produce meeting agendas, create presentations, and write corporate reports.
Marvik will use your personal information to meet legal obligations related to banking, payroll, legal agencies, and other financial and legal institutions. We may also use your information to produce annual reports and meet all regulatory and legal requirements.
How long we process this information
We process personal data as long as it takes to achieve the goal (goals) for which this data was originally collected. After this your data will be deleted or transferred to an archive, except for cases when it is necessary to continue the processing of your data to abide by our legal obligations that we have or other rightful and legal purposes.
Rights as a data subject
Under data protection laws, data subjects have certain rights, here we list them explicitly since they have been taken into account as part of this policy construction.
  • Right to be informed. The right to be told how their personal data is used in clear and transparent language.
  • Right of access. The right to know and have access to the personal data we hold about them.
  • Right to data portability. The right to receive their data in a common and machine-readable electronic format.
  • Right to be forgotten. The right to have their personal data erased.
  • Right to rectification. The right to have their personal data corrected where it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right to object. The right to complain and to object to processing.
  • Right to purpose limitation. The right to limit the extent of the processing of their personal data.
  • Rights related to automated decision-making and profiling. The right not to be subject to decisions without human involvement.
If you want to exercise any of these rights, please email us at [email protected].
Please note the following:
  • We may request additional information to ensure your identity. We will do so to ensure you are the authorized owner of this information and have the right to view it or withdraw consent. This is a security measure that protects your personal information from unlawful disclosure to people who do not have the right to see it.
  • We will respond to your exercise of your rights in accordance with the law. We will not comply with requests that are not legally valid.
Contact us
If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected] any time.