End-to-end Machine Learning product development

It does not matter if we are implementing your full platform, or if we are just implementing an individual Machine Learning module; we always deliver end-to-end solutions. We have you covered from design to implementation.
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Build, test and deploy
In initial stages, we get introduced to your business in order to be able to design solutions tailored to your exact business requirements; taking into consideration your budget and time requirements.
Our Product development Lifecycle
The product discovery goal is to make a tailored recommendation so you take the most of the technology and possibilities. While executing this 4-6 weeks process, we will explore data, build machine proof of concepts and determine feasibility.
product development
Data Annotation/labeling
We can help you from the very beginning.
We can label your data with our own data annotation tools. Speeding up the process with an easy to use UI and a Machine Learning assisted annotation feature that is currently in beta. Learn more at: www.oktopus.ai
Machine learning modeling and training
Our favorite part.
Our machine learning experts will start by exploring and benchmarking different state of the art models that best address your challenge. The goal will be to select the solutions that best suit your needs, taking into consideration performance, technology and data requirements. Afterwards, we will develop the entire machine learning solution and optimize it to run in your selected environment, whether it is cloud, on premise, mobile or edge.
Full stack development
We mean it when we say end-to-end development.
We are capable of taking care of all of your development needs, complementing our core machine learning expertise with traditional software development expertise. We are experienced in many different technologies such as Python, Golang, React, Docker, cloud infrastructure and more.
Deploy and scale
We help you set up the infrastructure and optimize it to scale.
We look to build long term technical partnerships with our customers. The project doesn’t end after delivering and deploying the new product or module; we keep on working together. Our team can assist with maintaining the services we built or continue to add new features. We can set up a CI/CD pipeline for your machine learning solutions so you can easily improve your models with new data sets.
We strongly believe that the best way to create products and services is iterating and adding functionality incrementally.
Let's start building the first version and iterate over it to build the desired end state. Continual progress keeps excitement and involvement in the project high.
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Training, developing and delivering machine learning models into production
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