Product discovery &
AI feasibility research

During this process we will help you and your team to precisely define your product idea. Not just from the user experience perspective, but also analyzing your idea in the context of a holistic system, connected to the users, market, needs, context and available technology.
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Machine Learning Product Discover
The product discovery goal is to make a tailored recommendation so you get the most value from the technology and expand the possibilities. While executing this 4-6 week process, we will explore the data, build machine learning proof of concepts and determine feasibility.
Understand your vision for the project and the desired business outcomes
We will get deeply immersed in your business, analyze the market, review needs and goals. We will ask questions, analyze references and your competition while studying the state-of-the-art possibilities relating to your project. During this first step a volume of inputs, insights and answers will be encouraged. Our team and yours will probably interact a lot during the project.
Evaluate feasibility and alternatives
Our experienced engineers will evaluate the quantity and quality of your data to determine the feasibility of the project. We will recommend the best alternatives to leverage your data assets and leverage relevant public datasets if available. If you need to build or label a dataset, we will guide you through the process.
Machine learning Proof of concept (POC) development
In general, the achievable results of machine learning projects are uncertain. To mitigate this concern and understand better what to expect during the project, we will develop a Proof of Concept. This includes benchmarking different alternatives and evaluating their accuracy, development costs, processing times and more.
Machine learning definitions and building a product backlog
Based on our previous analysis, we will recommend the technologies and machine learning algorithms that best suit your project. Afterwards, we will partner with your team to propose a possible product backlog and prioritize functionalities. At this stage, we will also define the UX and UI if required.
Define technical architecture and estimate the effort
In the last step of this process we will define the technical architecture and make recommendations for the implementation of the solution. In addition, we will estimate the development effort needed to build an MVP or the entire solution, as required.
Artificial Intelligence roadmap
Data is everywhere: customers, sales, revenue, marketing , employee, surveys. Organizations have more data than they are able to process. The question is what to do with all that data? How to best utilize it?
Our experienced consultants have helped many companies leverage their data in order to transform their operations. What should you do? How? When? We can help you answer those questions, by leveraging artificial intelligence tools, methodologies and insights.
The What
It includes the identification of projects and initiatives that are most valuable, and an analysis of how best to influence the operations and strategy within your organization. It also aims to identify key actors and the skill sets that should be developed or acquired. We will focus our efforts on detailing the impact that the execution of the proposed roadmap will have on the company and its day to day results.
The strategic Roadmap will include at a minimum:
Detailed analysis of the current environment and reviewing the incorporation of technology and artificial intelligence in the company.
Identification of key variables and metrics that can be measured and optimized.
Definition of the desired future state environment after implementing the roadmap.
Gap analysis detailing how to get from the current state to the desired state.
A list of projects to implement.
Recommendation on which skills will be required in order to execute the proposed roadmap.
Impact analysis of:
Each project on the current company’s operations.
Implementing the roadmap on the company's strategy.
Integrating the roadmap into the company's processes.
The How
The process of defining and developing the roadmap is typically a valuable investment when starting to work with AI. The process kicks off by meeting with the key stakeholders that will carry out the necessary surveys, analysis and investigation in order to learn about the company and its business requirements.
Current state:
First, the current state of the company, regarding the use of technology and operational processes with key actors, will be examined. Key variables and metrics that will be used to measure and optimize the process will be identified.
Preparation of the Roadmap:
Finally, using the information gathered, a plan will be developed to move from the current state to the future desired state, which will be reflected in the AI project roadmap for the organization.
Future state:
The desired future state, after implementing the roadmap, will be identified and validated with the client.
AI Roadmap update:
In order to include new information, update to a changing environment and incorporating lessons learned, an update of the roadmap is also included 6 months after the start of implementation.
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