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Carlos Rodriguez
Machine Learning Engineer
+6 years of experience
Alejandra Castillo
Computer Vision Engineer
+4 years of experience
Fernanda Lima
AI Research Scientist
+3 years of experience
Mateo Vargas
Predictive Analytics Expert
+5 years of experience
Advisory on the roles and structure of your AI team
Industry leading recruiting service in Latin America
An industry leading AI team built exactly to your needs
What is Lupa?
High tech data-driven headhunter
Connecting companies with remote workers in LatAm, helping them build high-performance tech teams and save on payroll, while hiring top bilingual talent.
Joseph Burns
CEO of Lupa
What is Marvik?
Hands-on AI consulting firm
Develop end-to-end solutions by working with computer vision, natural language processing and predictive analytics, and generative AI.
Rodrigo Beceiro
CTO of Marvik
We have different levels of service to suit your needs
Design and Build
With our Design and Build program, we will structure and build your team for you,using Lupa’s expertise in the recruiting market and Marvik’s expertise in AI and ML
Interview Precision
Our Interview Precision service includes Design and Build from Bronze Level, while guiding you to make sure you have the ideal interview process for your team
Technical Assessment and Grading
We take the expert assessment process Marvik uses to identify top talent in AI and machine learning and apply it to your team
Strategic Mentoring
Once your team is built, we also offer the option for Marvik to serve as a guide in the initial stages,allowing you start off on the right foot with a Fractional Chief AI Officer
How does it work?
Shaping the team
Shaping the role
Recruit your candidate
Lupa screening questions
Client interview questions
Take home assessment design
Take home assessment grading
Take home assessment technical interview
C-level advisory
Project guidance
Team members mentoring
Slack channel support
The length of the project depends on how fast you can move and make decisions. Normally we can deliver in 3 to 5 days but this timing will always depend on the particular requirements and team availability.
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